University of Minnesota

Thanks to everyone who made DASHCamp a success! Check out photos from the event, courtesy of the University of Minnesota Libraries Communications Department.


Friday, March 21 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at University of Minnesota’s Walter Library

What is DASHCamp?

DASHCamp is an active, hands-on, workshop-based unconference designed to give participants hands-on experience to explore digital tools such as mapping, text mining, and data visualization. Attendees submit proposals and vote on them in the weeks prior to the conference, as well as deciding on topics during DASHCamp itself.

So, what’s DASH?

DASH, an initiative from the University of Minnesota Libraries, stands for “Digital Arts Sciences + Humanities.” It seeks to promote the use of these tools across the disciplines in an effort to generate new questions and new forms of collaborative knowledge.

Who should attend DASHCamp?

  • You! Just some of the reasons why you’d come to DASHCamp:
  • You have an interest in digital [stuff] in fields like Digital Humanities and want to know how to get started
  • You have a project you want to get feedback on
  • You want to connect with other people interested in these projects
  • You have a skill you want to demo for others at DASHCamp

Registration will be limited to 100 people. Registration will be $30 to cover the cost of lunch and snacks. And make sure you BYOD – Bring Your Own Device and Bring Your Own Data.